What is CityScape Leadership Program?

We believe that God has given CityHill Church a very specific mandate to develop young leaders and reach young people for Christ.

CityScape Leadership Program exists to provide a foundational year where young people are equipped for life and are given the tools to discover how their passions and purpose align. Through focusing on our 5 core areas: Theological Development, Character Development, Life Skills, Service and Outreach we aim to provide a year for tremendous growth!

In a world of uncertainty we believe that Christ has called us to be “…the light of the world – like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden”  (this is the  basis for our church name).  A cityscape is an artistic representation of the outline of a city. The significance here is that it implies that the city outline is constantly being redefined. We believe that this generation of young people will have a huge role to play in being the light of the world and in redefining the identity of our city hence the name CityScape Leadership Program.

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