What To Expect

Development and growth in the 5 core areas takes place through the following weekly lectures/activities.

Daily Schedule:

Sunday services: 08:00 – 11:00 and 17:00 – 19:30 (serving and attending)

Monday – Thursday: 08:00 – 13:00

Friday: 16:00 – 21:00.
We encourage our students to be involved in our Firehouse (Grade 5-7 Junior Youth) & Amped Youth (Grade 8-12) programs.

We purposely leave weekday afternoons free for students to earn themselves extra income
(e.g. through sports coaching/tutoring) or to finish assignments etc.)

Biblical Studies

We will equip our students with the tools they need to for effective  Bible study. In addition to this we will be guiding them through various  books, topics and themes in the Bible. We will be making use of  in-house training from our well-equipped staff as well as several  modules from the Satellite Bible College International (SBCI).



We will be facilitating the Crossroads program for our discipleship  and leadership training. This is a pre-tertiary course produced by the  South African Theological Seminary. There are 4 module tests and  attendance requirements set out by Crossroads. Should a student meet  these requirements they will get credits towards further theological studies  at the South African Theological Seminary. Please note that there is no  Matric pass required for this program. 
In addition to this we will take our students through the following:
  • Spiritual giftings course
  • How to share the Gospel
  • A Biblical Model of Leadership
  • An Eternal Perspective
  • How to lead small group
  • Mentoring (the value of mentoring and training on how to mentor others)
  • Practical opportunities to facilitate and lead




In this course students will cover the following topics

  • Biblical survey and history of missions
  • Local, international and cross cultural missions
  • Practical tools and training on mission work
  • Practical experience (CityHill mission trips)




Social Justice Ministry

In this course students will cover the following topics


  • Social action and social justice in the Bible
  • Survey of current social and economic issues
  • Practical tools and training for social justice ministry
  • Practical experience in social action/social outreach (Nation Changers)





Fun and Adventure

Having fun and going on adventures is a priority for us!

We have some very exciting opportunities lined up for our students.






Other Modules


  • The role of young people in the church
  • Practical experience and involvement in youth ministry
  • Basic introduction to Christian counseling
  • Understanding different personalities
  • How to help others (listening, praying, encouraging, decision-making, goal setting, personal reflection)







Career Experience


We are privileged at CityHill Church to be home to many experienced individuals who are successful in a variety of different careers in a host of different spheres, e.g. media and design, events management, accounting and finances, technical jobs, business management and leadership, and education.  We plan to expose our students to a variety of different careers in order for them to gain further insight into what vocations they could pursue.








Personal Development



  1. Christian Foundations
    In this module students will learn about core Christian disciplines as well as principles that help develop character.
  2. Extension
    In this module the students are exposed to a wide variety of topics. The primary purpose of this course is to extend the thinking, creativity and faith of our students.
  3. Accountability
    Here the students will connect with a mentor. This is a ‘check-in’ and accountability time where the students will get a chance to build a relationship with and receive input from someone with a good track record.







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